Over a Thousand Cheaters in the Pokémon 2013 Global Showdown

One of this summer’s events was The Pokémon Company’s 2013 Global Showdown, a WiFi tournament based on Pokémon Black & White 2. The tournament had 50,000 competitor slots, but we’ve since learned that 1,558 of those spots were taken by cheaters… yes, those players used smartphone apps in order to create and edit their own powered up characters.

Instead of playing the game and training their in-game or rare Pokémon, these custom built smartphone creatures would be directly uploaded to the player’s 3DS.

Each category had a number of cheating players, and sadly, the older and supposedly more experienced players had the worst showing of all:

–          68 in Junior Division

–          335 in Senior Division

–          1,155 in Master Division

The Pokémon Company has vowed to be more vigilant when it comes to catching cheaters in future tournaments, and these players will not be included in the tournament rankings.


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