PAX Prime: Keiji Inafune Announces His Mega Man “Spiritual Successor”

The panel featuring Keiji Inafune today at PAX Prime filled up quickly, as expected, and there was an air of anticipation in the room. Everyone had thoughts about what would happen and what Inafune would talk about—plus plenty of questions for him—but it wasn’t until about halfway through the panel that the bomb really dropped. The happiness bomb, that is.

After some general banter and a few remarks about what he’s been doing and the state of the industry, it happened—he announced his next game, called Mighty No.9, and it’s more or less a spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise he created.

It’s going to be a classic Japanese-style side-scroller, with heavy influence from the Mega Man days, including a handpicked team of people to work on it—many of whom are also ex-Capcom employees. We were treated to a short docu-film on the game and Infune’s hopes for it, before launching live the Kickstarter to help fund the project.

The room counted down to the press of the “launch” button, and the fundraiser goal as posted is $900,000… but if what happened next is any indication, they’ll far surpass that goal in just a matter of days.

By the end of the panel, there were already several thousand dollars pledged (the Kickstarter screen was kept up and updated throughout the rest of the panel as attendees jumped on board using their smartphones to log into Kickstarter and pledge, to many cheers with each update). Attendees were also treated to their own swag of a Mighty No.9 t-shirt with a unique ID number, which can be used on the game forum to identify the 800 people with unique t-shirts.

While the game isn’t currently in development for Nintendo platforms, Inafune will likely add this as a stretch goal in the very near future. They want to develop for all platforms, but of course, all these things depend on funding.

Either way, this is great and welcome news for Mega Man fans who’ve been longing for more Mega Man… they’re just getting a slightly different version of it this time, from the creator and his handpicked team of experts in game creation.


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