PAX Prime: Retro City Rampage – First Impressions

Because this game has already been out for awhile on different platforms, we’re not going to say tons about it here—other than to let you know about a few key differences on its transition onto the 3DS.

It will be an eShop title released next February, and despite only being recently announced, they did have a playable version at the show today. This latest version of the game included additional coloring on the screen and some shading, but notably a lack of 3D.

If you were thinking about picking up this title because it might be fun in 3D… don’t. It’s not there. Apparently this is because the entire game would have to be remade (and that’s not something they want to do), so they stuck with 2D and kept almost everything else identical to the original title.

That said, some of the mini-games added have 3D, and there is touchscreen functionality there.

So… that’s about it. Nothing else has really changed here, but you have to remember that this game was a breakout title during its time in the 8-bit era, so it still holds a significant place in gaming history.

If you’re looking to revisit that era, and you’d like to do so on your 3DS, you could do worse than giving this relaunched retro title a chance.


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