Wii Remote Rapid Charge Cradle and Battery Set on Sale

Nintendo of America has responded to what the customer wants, and has released a Wii remote rapid charging cradle and a rechargeable battery set—so you don’t have to search the house for batteries every few times you want to sit down and play a game.

You can find these items, officially labelled the Wii Remote Rapid Charging Cradle and Rechargeable Battery Set (yes, all capitalized), in the online store. The set brings your play time up to 13 hours after a 90 minute charge, and will also include a Wii Remote Jacket, Wii Remote Wrist Strap, A/C Adapter, and Integrated Battery Cover. All black, and Wii Remote not included.

The whole shebang is up for grabs at $40USD, and is currently only available for purchase by American and Canadian consumers.

If you’re ready to give your remote batteries the boot, this may be just the item you’ve been waiting for.


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