Link Between Worlds & Luigi Special Edition 3DS XL

It looks like we’re getting a little 3DS XL Nintendo love here in the West after all! No more complaining about our lack of special editions, because we’re about to get two of them. And they’re fantastic designs, to  boot!

The previously Japan-only released Luigi 3DS XL is heading to Europe on November 1st, and it will only be available for purchase online at That makes it an online exclusive, so don’t go looking for it on store shelves.

Retail outlets, however, will receive a The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL edition to be released on November 22nd, right alongside the new game. The handheld has a double triforce design, with gold on the top and black on the bottom—representing the dual worlds theme of the new game. When you purchase this edition, you’ll also receive a download code for  copy of the game from the eShop, so don’t make the mistake of buying  new 3DS XL and the game!

While we haven’t heard yet when these systems will make their way to North America, it’s probably only  matter of time, which is why we’re letting you know about the European releases now—you’ll need time to save up!


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