Game-Breaking Bug in Pokémon X & Y Fixed Soon

Some players who have been enjoying their copies of Pokémon X & Y have discovered that there’s a potentially game-breaking bug inside, that only really seems to be affecting North American and European players. Occasional saves in Lumiose City can cause the save data to be irreversibly corrupted, and force you to restart the game afresh.

Nintendo has acknowledged that the issue is indeed a thing, and have announced that they’re working on a fix. The message was posted, oddly enough, on their Japanese website, saying that they’ll be “a few days” to get it done.

The message also advises players to save their games inside buildings like the Pokémon Center to help avoid the problem, and they’ve also included a map that we’re sharing with you, which shows the areas where the bug seems to be triggered.

The fix will likely deal with corrupted game files, so if you’re stuck and you can be patient, hang in there. If you’re super impatient and just want to start over again, be sure to take a look at the map before you save your game inside Lumiose City!


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