Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC Packs on Sale… All Eleven of Them

Atlus is presentely offering a short-term discount on the DLC packs for its RPG epic Shin Megami Tensei IV, as well as for the game itself. The actual game is ten dollars off, coming in at $39.99 until November 11th, and the DLC packs are 25% off for the same time frame.

And there are only eleven of them! That won’t take any time at all to figure out and download… (yes, we are being facetious).

  • Ancient One of the Sun – $1.86
  • Clipped Wings 1 – $1.86
  • Clipped Wings 2 – $1.86
  • Death Has Its Applications – $2.24
  • Experience the Afterlife – $1.49
  • For the Past… For the Future – $2.24
  • Overlord Equipment – $1.11
  • Radiant Equipment – $1.11
  • Snake Scale Equipment – $1.11
  • The Eternal Youth – $1.86
  • Underworld Money-Maker – $2.24

That’ll only take on $18.98, if you have the game already, but if you’re buying the full package, you’re coming in at $58.97. Take advantage before November 11th, if you’re in for it!


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