Nintendo’s Holiday Infographic

In an effort to win consumer dollars, now that Black Friday is here to start the holiday shopping season, Nintendo is ramping up the advertising tactics to boost profits and sales for the 3DS and Wii U. And now that the PS4 and Xbox One have hit store shelves, the competition is fiercer than ever—Wii U has to compete with these next gen consoles.

Naturally, this means Nintendo has tried various things to get the Wii U’s visibility increased, and while we’ve already told you about some Thanksgiving deals, they’ve gone ahead and added one more special feature to the advertising blast this time around—a holiday infographic!

As silly as it may seem, there are some bits of crucial information included on this graphic that may set the field in Nintendo’s favour. The holiday-themed infographic is designed to be a Wii U advocate, mentioning its key features—notably, those that Sony and Microsoft’s consoles don’t have!

Since it’ll be mostly adults shopping this weekend—really, kids are not going to be the ones spending money during the hectic rush of Black Friday—the infographic emphasizes the TVii feature and the ability to use the GamePad as a TV remote. It also mentions backward compatibility, which the two major competitors don’t have during this launch time.

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