Limited Edition Pink 2DS Release for North America

Look, it’s not just Japan that gets limited-edition 3DS and now 2DS systems… we’re getting some too! Just maybe not as many, but we’re catching up—and a new limited edition 2DS is about to hit store shelves, so maybe we should all stop complaining…?

Or maybe that depends on how you feel about pink handheld systems. The new 2DS is a “Peach Pink” variation, but there’s nothing about the handheld that references its namesake color. Nope, the game shuns the Princess and instead seems to be a promotional release for Disney Magical World, coming to store shelves on April 11th.

Presently, this 2DS LE is only confirmed for the United States through GameStop, set at $129.99. The system will also come with a Disney Magical World carrying case.

Disney fans and fans of sim-games are likely looking forward to this one, and based on its success in Japan, it sounds like a title worth checking out. The pink limited edition 2DS may hold great appeal for some of Nintendo’s younger gamers, so certainly pass on the news if you know someone who might enjoy a pink console.


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