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By Faith, November 2, 2018 0 2DS, News

Remember the days when we were flooded with announcements for special edition DS consoles? It doesn’t happen nearly as often now, but when it does, it usually means Nintendo has really gone out of their way to make something that’s… Read More »

By Faith, May 3, 2017 0 2DS, News

Much to everyone’s utter shock, the New 2DS XL was not a joke console reveal, it was not a gag or an April Fool’s prank, but a legitimate, honest announcement of a new handheld system from Nintendo. Nintendo of America… Read More »

By Dave, August 21, 2015 0 2DS, News

What’s that you hear? Oh, that’s just the sound of Nintendo slashing a whopping $30 off the recommended retail price for their Nintendo 2DS handheld console. Say what? Yes indeed, the price will drop to $99.99 as of August 30th,… Read More »

By Micah, April 8, 2015 0 2DS, 3DS, Update

The new IP from Intelligent Systems, Code Name S.T.E.A.M., has been applauded for its visuals and creativity. What it hasn’t been applauded for, however, is the amount of time a player spends watching what’s happening on the screen… without acting… Read More »

By Faith, April 3, 2015 0 2DS, 3DS, Amiibo, Nintendo Direct

During this week’s Nintendo Direct, two important issues were raised and dealt with. The first has to do with Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., a fantastic strategy title that’s unfortunately hampered by the speed of your opponents. Enemy turns have been criticized… Read More »

By Dave, June 19, 2014 0 2DS, 3DS, News

If you’re a reddit user, you may have already seen this—but if not, read on! Reddit user HxCurt spends his work hours at a recycling plant, and posted a photo of a 12,000 pound (545 kilogram) box of abandoned 3DS and… Read More »

By Micah, June 5, 2014 0 2DS, 3DS, 3DS eShop, News

Although Japan’s 3DS owners have had their hands on Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection for well over a month now, it’s only a matter of time before we’re seeing the game on screens in North America, too. The remastered compilation… Read More »

By Faith, May 28, 2014 0 2DS, 3DS, News

Nintendo is determined that 2DS/3DS owners learn about all the joys of its upcoming title, Tomodachi Life… and they’re going to do everything they can to get your attention for it! The latest trailer for the game introduces two more… Read More »

By Dave, May 27, 2014 0 2DS, 3DS, News, Wii U

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anything left to do in a LEGO game… Warner Bros. and TT Games have announced the continuation of their popular LEGO game series this coming Fall. The latest instalment will be LEGO… Read More »

By Faith, May 23, 2014 0 2DS, News

With the impending arrival of Tomodachi Life on June 6th, it may not be a surprise that we’ve seen marketing efforts for the game ramp up in a big way. There have been commercials and advertisements galore, many of them… Read More »