New Trailer for Historical-Setting Ace Attorney Game

The internets were all a-buzz a few days ago with a teaser from Famitsu regarding the upcoming latest instalment in the series of Ace Attorney games. The new game sees the return of Shu Takumi as the director, and Capcom is gearing up to give us more info on the game and its non-traditional (for the series) setting.

The game is set in the Meiji era, and centers around Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo of 20th-century Japan. The second main character that has been confirmed is Susato Mikotoba, who will probably play the ubiquitous female assistant in this game.

In the just-released trailer, we see the new courtroom setting, along with some mysterious figures. How will the setting truly play into a game about trials? We’ll see, but honestly it’s not too far-fetched to think that they could do just about anything in these games right now and still sell copies.

Watch the trailer below, and then stay patient… we don’t have info on localization as of yet, but it’s sure to be quite the feat. Are you looking forward to this new game?


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