E3 2014: Fils-A-Mech… Battle!

If there’s one thing Nintendo can be relied on for during E3, it’s silly moments from the Bosses—human bosses, we mean. Not Bowser… though, you never know.

After last year’s ridiculously fun photo ops from all the Big Guys, this year’s Awesome Moment of Silliness comes to you in the form of the Reggie Fils-A-Mech facing off with Shigeru Miyamoto and his own cardboard robot of… uh… doom?

This is both a play off the E3 trailer from Nintendo and a riff on Project Giant Robot… just keeping the joke going!

Watch and enjoy… and let’s all be thankful there’s at least one business left in the world that’s able to not take itself too seriously.


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Faith likes games and books and cake and writing and Lara Croft, not necessarily in that order. She also thinks a Skylanders cartoon show is a really, REALLY good idea...

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