E3 2014: No DLC for Bayonetta 2—But That’s Okay

Although it feels like we’ve been waiting a century for Bayonetta 2 to get in our hands (it was shown last year at E3, if you recall), it sounds like the wait is going to be worth every minute. The game director, Yusuke Hashimoto, spoke to US Gamer and revealed that he’s very proud of the amount of content in the new game.

He revealed that all the content will be available from day one, with no plans for DLC releases. He says the game has “enough content there for one and a half games,” going beyond the call of games these days by providing so much content from the very beginning.

The announcement also came down the line that the version of Bayonetta that will be shipping with the physical copies of Bayonetta 2 have been outsourced to Osaka’s Bee Tribe, under the supervision of the game’s original creator. Hashimoto says that they “thought it would be awesome to let fans play both on the same console.”

Agreed, good sir. Agreed.


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