New Nintendo 3DS Coming to Australia & New Zealand This November

Say what?! A surprise Nintendo Direct for Australia and New Zealand—the very first exclusive Nintendo Direct presentation for the region—has revealed that the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL model will be arriving in both countries on November 21st of this year. Yes, you read that correctly.

And as we already knew, the West isn’t getting them until sometime in 2015.

Yes, that makes Australia and New Zealand the first countries outside of Japan to have and to hold these brand new systems… they’ll get Metallic Blue and Metallic Black to choose from as well as the original white at launch.

Standard model will be $219.95, and XL will come in at $249.95. Nintendo Australia has confirmed that 20 of the customizable face plates for the new system will be available there.

This is absolutely shocking news for anyone who has followed Australia’s issues with getting video game products to their area, and will certainly be a welcome announcement for Nintendo fans Down Under. Congrats, Oceania!


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