Speedrun Record Broken: Super Mario World

Ah, the early days of the ‘90s… when the world was trying to decide what its “big thing” would be, after putting away the big hair and their neon leg warmers… and when Nintendo decided its “big thing” would be Super Mario World, a game so massive that other 2D platformers looked shamefully at themselves and questioned their life choices.

This SNES game probably brings back many warm memories for Nintendo fans who were around during this time, or perhaps more memories of wasted hours and numerous frustrations over trying to find all the levels and hidden routes.

Well, tuck away that childhood self, because speedrunning linkdeadx2 has beaten everyone (literally) and completed the game in an incredible 9 minutes and 51 seconds.

Take a look at the footage from Twitch, and keep in mind that the run was an “any percentage run,” meaning the player was not required to find every single thing in the game. He also uses the cloud glitch, but this is considered “legal” according to this particular set of rules.

Look at those runner-up times, too—9:51.12 and 9:51.69. Talk about a close race!!!

Watch live video from Linkdeadx2 on Twitch


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