DLC Details for Master Quest Pack

In just a few weeks on October 16th, Koei Tecmo will release its first paid-DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors, and some new details about what exactly this entails have come forward. It’ll be around $11 for the content pack, with five episodes for your playing enjoyment.

The villain Cia will feature in the Master Quest pack, as she marches toward Hyrule for nefarious purposes. Wizzro and Volga will also be making trouble, and “Guardian of Time” outfits are included for Cia and Lana.

You’ll also be able to play the “Master Quest Rules” option, where hearts and items are taken away in exchange for high-level rewards.

If you pre-order all the DLC packs (4 planned), you’ll save some cash—similar to the Mario Kart 8 DLC bundle—and you’ll receive a Dark Link outfit… though right now, we only know of this offer available in Japan. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation about this in North America fairly soon.

Watch the trailer below for some great shots of the DLC pack in action!


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