Dementium Coming to the 3DS

A little while back, we posted a story about Jools Watsham’s news that his company, Renegade Kid, had regained control of the Dementium game series. He’d hoped to develop it moving forward, but at the time the company was very busy with other projects.

However in a recent interview with Twitch channel Vinesauce, Watsham revealed that there will be a release coming for the 3DS eShop, with 60fps visuals and full 3D support for the survival horror game. It sounds as though it will be re-release of the first game, with cleaned up elements like getting rid of constantly respawning foes and unfair checkpoints… but if you like the “brutal” nature of the original game, they may include a hardcore mode for those players.

Right now, it sounds as though the plan is to see how Dementium does on the eShop, and base releases of the sequel (and any future new installments, like a third game) on how that does. It won’t happen anytime soon, simply due to the busyness of the studio, but at least it’s a possibility.

We should see Dementium arrive next year around Q2.


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