Update on Cancelled amiibo Pre-Orders From Toys R Us

Earlier this week, we mentioned there was a rumor going around that Toys R Us had begun cancelling amiibo pre-orders due to low stock and “reasons.” Then we’d heard that the figures were back up on the site and others could pre-order them, making things really confusing and strange.

It was worrisome especially for the Lucario amiibo figures, since they’re an exclusive and it appeared that some who thought they were getting the figures wouldn’t.

We’ve since learned that the whole kafuffle was caused by a “technical issue” and that the store would contact those customers affected by the problem. Customers did receive an email, and it turns out that those who paid with credit cards can have their orders reinstated. Others, however, will need to follow a different process—details of which have not yet emerged.

If you paid with credit card, you’re okay. Your pre-order will be saved! If you paid with Paypal or a gift card, however… keep an eye on your email for instructions. Good luck!


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