2D Puzzle Platformer Midnight Comes to eShop in January

Here at Nintendo Fire, we love indie games, so we’re happy to tell you about a simple yet challenging title that’s on its way to the Wii U eShop later this month. Midnight, brought to you by Petite Games, is the follow-up to the developer’s previous release, Toon Tanks.

Midnight is a 2D puzzle platformer that asks players to avoid obstacles while navigating a little white pixel through the various levels. Apparently, the game was inspired by another Wii U eShop title that you may be familiar with, RCMADIAX’s Spikey Walls.

The approval and release date for the game—January 22nd—was announced on Petite Games’ Twitter account, so it looks all set to head to the shop very soon.

If you enjoy puzzle platformers, check out Midnight!


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