Wii U YouTube App Update Smooths Out the Rough Edges

You may have forgotten that your Wii U has apps on it. Yes, it’s not just for playing games and posting to Miiverse, you can access YouTube and Netflix, and all kinds of other entertainment apps. YouTube, perhaps the most prominent and well known of all the video watching services, has been given a bit of an update.

It’s not a huge difference, but it’s been given a freshened up look and faster performance time. All the controls are still on the GamePad (with an empty TV screen until you select a video), so that may still disappoint those of you who regularly use other controllers like the Pro Controller.

The main difference is aesthetic, in that you’re being presented first with recommendations based on your subscriptions and regular viewing preferences, and hitting left on the D-Pad opens the same content and menu options that you find in the regular browser version (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Yes, I did just type “bowser version” several times before getting it right…).

So, does the facelift and cleaner look make you more likely to use YouTube from your Wii U? It’s a good sign that Nintendo is working on updates for other aspects of the system, especially when they seem to want the Wii U to be a “one-stop shot” entertainment unit.


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