PAX South: First Impressions—Nefarious (Wii U)

Ever wanted to play the villain and defeat the hero? With Nefarious from Level Up Lab, you can finally do that. It’s a 2D platforming, dungeon-making game, where you set out to thwart the hero and kidnap the princess.

While the game isn’t yet complete, the demo they brought provided a highly polished game experience—quite the feat for a game that’s only been in development for three and a half months. Their character designs and artwork were very eye-catching, and it was clear that they focused strongly on getting this single stage right. Without the complete experience of that one stage, it would have been very difficult to compete with the other indie games at the convention.

Taking that one slice of game and making it look like a level out of a complete game sure seemed to work, because they only had one demo station at the booth and a massive line every time we walked by.

As for the game itself, the key is to kidnap a princess and thwart the hero in each stage, and each princess creates different effects on your movement. This effects how you play through the stage, and at the end of each stage, there are “reverse boss fights”—which sounds fairly self-explanatory, yes?

You’re the villain—you get the screen while the little hero jumps around trying to take you down!

It looks great, gameplay is fun, and the game has already been funded through their Kickstarter campaign. Their plan is to bring it to Wii U (among other systems) at launch, so we’ll keep an eye out for it—hopefully the rest of the game is just as polished as this one in the end product!


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