Mutiple amiibo Restocks on the Way?

A few days ago, we mentioned the official Facebook apology from Nintendo of America about the amiibo shortage these days, which came hot on the heels of an April full of assurances that we’d be seeing restocks of a number of difficult to find (and much coveted) amiibo figures.

We weren’t sure when we’d be seeing evidence of this restock, but the rumor reported by the website Nintendo Life ( is that a CPSIA Certificate of Compliance led them to an official Nintendo page of these certificates—significant in that the certificates for gold and silver Mario amiibo were what officially confirmed them as Mario Party 10 tie-ins. They found an April certificate for Marth, who has been promised to be restocked in the summer, suggesting they were manufactured this past March.

Many of the certificates have a May 1st date on them, with April manufacturing, suggesting that we may be seeing these on the shelves very soon. They’re reporting this for Bowser (Super Mario), Mario (Super Mario), Mega Man, Link, Shulk and Toad.

How long will it take to get the turnaround happening from manufacturing to being in your hand? Who knows, but it sure seems like we’re headed in the right direction to get more amiibo into the hands of players and fans.


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