Project Giant Robot Still a Real Thing

Last year at E3, we saw glimpses of a game called Project Giant Robot. You may recall some of the Nintendo bigwigs smashing around in cardboard robot suits? Ah yes, now it’s coming back to you. We’ve heard nothing about the game since then, and it was assumed that the project had been cancelled.

But no! In Nintendo’s plans for 2015, Project Giant Robot is among its software offerings, and their listing says it will launch in “the first half of the year.” That means we should be playing it very soon, does it not? We say yes.

Whether this will happen or not, we have no idea, but we loved seeing how Project Giant Robot was used by Miyamoto-san to demonstrate the potential of the GamePad for Wii U. If Nintendo has really been working on this and refining the experience so players can build mechs and battle each other with them, well, we’re all in.


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