Only 750 Competitors Per Store for Nintendo World Championships 2015

As exciting as it was to learn that Nintendo was reviving their World Championships event, reaction from Nintendo fans wasn’t exactly positive when we learned that only eight stores across the United States would be holding qualifiers. Additional details have now been released about the qualifying rounds, and if you hope to participate, you’ll need to be quick on the draw in getting to one of the Best Buy locations.

Entry will be allowed on a first-come, first served basis, with a maximum of 750 players per store. That equals 6000 competitors total during the qualifiers. Registration begins at 9am when the doors open at each store, local time, on May 30th. The competition itself runs from 10am-7pm.

Anyone under 18 will need legal guardian or parent accompanying them, though the competition is officially restricted to ages 13 and up. You will need to fill out a registration form on arrival.

Participants will complete a run of Championship Mode in Ultimate NES Remix on 3DS systems which are provided by the store. No personal 3DS systems allowed. The high score after all 750 players per store have participated will be declared the winner, and ties will be settled with a tie-breaking round of Super Mario Bros. in Championship Mode.

Eight winners will qualify for the finals, and there will be eight additional “guests” added in the live final. Each winner per local event will receive two plane tickets to LA for the event, plus two nights of accommodation in a hotel to allow them to attend the live finals on June 14th. Plus a $250 VISA gift card for the trip.

Needless to say, if you’re hoping to participate at one of the qualifiers—we’ll provide the Best Buy list below again—you’ll want to start planning now. 750 people really isn’t a lot per store, and we imagine it’ll fill up very quickly. Maybe start airing out that sleeping bag today…

Here are those Best Buy locations again:

  • 1717 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA
  • 3675 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA
  • 10760 NW 17th St., Miami, FL
  • 900 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL
  • 12905 Elm Creek Blvd. N, Maple Grove, MN
  • 5001 Northern Blvd., Long Island City, NY
  • 9378 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX
  • 2214 S. 48th St., Tacoma, WA


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