Project CARS Studio Boss Admits Wii U Version Has Issues

After ages of waiting, Project CARS can actually be played by human beings on their very own consoles—as long as those consoles are PS4 and Xbox One, or if you have a PC that runs it. And it’s doing pretty well, if early sales are anything to go by. After delays upon delays, however, the Wii U version continued to be pushed back and was finally given a rough window of “2015.” We’re now well into 2015 and there’s no additional release info in sight.

What does that mean? Well, it seems that the Wii U version continues to be plagued with issues. Developer Slightly Mad Studios has allowed their boss Ian Bell to come forward and answer questions about this version of the game on the Project CARS forum ( … and unfortunately, it wasn’t good news. He said:

OK I’ll come clean. At the moment we’re running at about 23FPS [at 720p] on the WiiU.

We’re awaiting/hoping for more of a hardware announcement at E3…

…Honestly, unless we really cut the looks back I think we’re looking to Nintendo’s next console.

…I suppose if they don’t announce something at E3 or soon after we will have a go at it.”

But here’s the thing that Nintendo fans know that somehow Bell missed out on—Nintendo has resolutely stated that there will be no NX hardware announcement at E3 this year. After this was pointed out to Bell, he said:

…We could reach a fairly solid 30FPS [on Wii U] but it might take a hell of a lot of work. On the other hand, about halfway through us finishing, Nintendo might announce a new console (I have zero knowledge on this BTW but I’ve heard ‘rumours’). Our work might just be the best thing that ever hit that new console in the driving sim genre.

So we’re playing a waiting game at the moment and yes, economics do come in to it.”

Eeee… if anything, this comment alone sends a message that the Wii U version in 2015 is unlikely. It sounds like their development is still very early in process, despite the years of updates and news we’ve received about it. And while it’s nice that they’re being honest with everyone waiting for the game, it does lend to an air of naivety. For example, last year we heard from the company’s Andy Turdor that “when we say the Wii U version is delayed in 2015 because we need a little more time, that’s all it is. We just want to make sure it’s of the same standard of all the other games. To do that, we just need a little more time. I’ve seen the Wii U version, I’ve seen it quite regularly. It’s got dynamic time of day, weather – it looks phenomenal. And the actual console itself is quite good.”

If that’s not the sound of someone being overly optimistic—especially after what we know now—we don’t know what is. You and I both know that Nintendo is not announcing anything hardware related at E3 this year, so these “rumors” Bell is counting on are bound to disappoint.

This may be the beginning of the end for Project CARS on Wii U.


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