New Producer Steps In at Capcom… In Charge of Mega Man

Now, don’t get your hopes up. After all, Capcom doesn’t really seem to have a clue what’s going on in regard to Mega Man, and they haven’t for quite some time now. The biggest news we’ve had lately is regarding a TV show that he’ll star in sometime in 2017. And the lackluster nature of that announcement meant we didn’t even cover it.

Right now, Mega Man is being overshadowed by the new release from his creator Keiji Inafune, the Mighty No. 9 project… but news of a new producer in charge of Mega Man at Capcom may at least give fans an inkling of hope.

The producer, as of yet unnamed, is responsible for “signing off” on anything that’s related to the character. Right now that sounds like merchandizing, but why hire an entirely new person just for that? Does Capcom have other plans in mind? We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, and we don’t want you to get your hopes up either. After all, Capcom has sucker punched Mega Man fans plenty of times before.

But… there’s at least a slight possibility that Capcom is at least thinking about their Blue Bomber character, and maybe—just maybe—this could turn the tide of their thought toward, you know, video games.

Then again? Like we said. Don’t hold your breath.


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