Kelp Dome Rises from the Deep in Splatoon

Tired of Port Mackerel map? Well, you’re in luck! Because it’s time for yet another Splatoon update, arriving later today. Despite the concerns that the game was light on content at launch, Nintendo has kept drip-feeding players since day one with new content in the form of maps, weapons, and modes.

The newest addition will be the Kelp Dome, coming at 10pm EST. This will be the seventh map added to the cycle in the two core online modes of play.

From what we’ve seen, the map features dome boundaries and inner areas made of ink-resistant glass, with a fairly straightforward upper track and lower track to follow (ie. not much in the way of crates and such to jump on here).

If you’ve played the new map, come back and let us know how you like it!


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