Lego Marvel’s Avengers New Trailer

Here it is! The E3 trailer for Warner Bros. new, big Lego game: Lego Marvel Avengers!

The game is, as per usual, developed by UK studio TT Games, and will be heading to the Wii U and 3DS.

The premise of this title will center around the two recent Avengers films, re-enacting various iconic scenes from each film and giving us plenty of humor—as expected from the franchise, of course.

To get a brief taste of this, take a look at the trailer below! It’s going to be a hard sell for some when Lego Dimensions is also coming soon, but hardcore fans are undoubtedly going to be enticed by playing through, for example, the Battle of New York event from the first Avengers film.

Yep, now you’re paying attention.


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