E3 2015: Smash Bros. Presentation Confirmed Ryu & Mii Fighters amiibo

Save your cash, friends! Start a fund if you need to, because this September will see the next wave of amiibo heading to store shelves (for how long? Er…). The pre-E3 Super Smash Bros. video presentation revealed that Mii Fighters will be getting their own amiibo line, along with a classic dog & duck duo amiibo (yes, from Duck Hunt), a Mr. Game & Watch (with interchangeable poses!), an R.O.B. amiibo (2 variations! One for the West and one themed to Famicom for Japan), and… yes, there’s more…

Falco from Star Fox will be part of the holiday slate of releases, and Nintendo has confirmed that yes, it’s true, every single Super Smash Bros. playable character will eventually have a corresponding figure. Including DLC, which also brings us to upcoming amiibo for Lucas (Earth Bound series), Ryu (Street Fighter), and Roy (Fire Emblem).

Well, then. Second mortgage, anyone?


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