E3 2015: Super Mario Maker Allows You to Unlock amiibo Suits Even Without Figures

After the last full day of Nintendo Treehouse coverage, we’ve come out of the event with some great new information and insights into some of the games presented at this year’s event. One of the big, exciting games was Super Mario Maker—but some folks grew concerned that the amiibo-enabled Mystery Suits inside the game would be limiting, primarily due to the low stock of many amiibo figures.

In Super Mario Maker, scanning in an amiibo unlocks that character within the game, which we saw in the form of an 8-Bit Wii Fit Trainer during the E3 video demo. Looking at the screenshots from E3, it looks like Nintendo intends to include all amiibo figures as characters within Super Mario Maker. That’s awesome! Unless, of course, you can’t find your favorite character.

The good news is that Nintendo seems to be willing to accommodate the fans, by instead ensuring that if you play a user-created level that uses a specific Mystery Suit, you’ll then be able to unlock and access that suit in your own game.

That’s quite a relief for those who can’t collect all amiibo (so… just about everyone), and it’ll be a great excuse to try out a hefty pile of user-created levels.


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