Nintendo’s Next Patent Case Win

You hear that? That’s the sound of briefcases being closed, some with harsh snaps of disappointment and others with the sharp click of joy. While Nintendo doesn’t have a flawless track record when it comes to winning patent cases, they’re not new to this rodeo and they know how to win the majority of accusations brought against them.

This time, it was Secure Axcess that started pointing fingers, listing ten different patent aspects on the 3DS and DS family of devices. And guess what? The case was dismissed. If you’re wondering just who Secure Axcess is, they’re a business offering “Patent Evaluation Services”, and if that doesn’t sound a little ridiculous—just who did they think they were following, trying to file a lawsuit?—it’s also possible that they decided to just try their luck for a little extra cash.

We’re speculating, of course, but this win in court comes shortly after a previous case against Nintendo in relation to their handheld consoles was tossed. Nintendo should take their legal team out for a nice dinner after all this, don’t you think?


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