Coming Up: Transformers Splatfest

Well, now. This is something new. Although the themes of the recent Splatfests have been rather strange so far, nothing is as bizarre as the sudden tie-in of an entirely different franchise to the Splatoon universe. Hasbro has partnered with Nintendo and Splatoon to bring you the latest, upcoming Splatfest: Autobots vs. Decepticons.

The 24-hour Splatfest will see each player receiving a t-shirt declaring their allegiance, which your character will wear in-game for the duration of the event. The Splatfest will be held starting at midnight on August 29th EST (that’s 9PM PST) and running until the same time the next day.

Keen observers will also note that in the promo photos, the kids are playing a currently unreleased map, so presumably that’s heading our way before the Splatfest arrives.

So… which side do you stand with?

aug 18 splatfest 1

aug 18 splatfest 2

aug 18 splatfest 3


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