Give Pikachu the Stuffing He Deserves at Build-a-Bear

Um, but in a totally non-violent way, okay? There will probably be kids around. Why? Because The Pokémon Company is joining cutesy forces with Build-a-Bear Workshop, the international plush toy retailer where consumers do all the hard work of actually creating the product they’re about to pay money for.

In early 2016, you should be able to walk into your nearest Build-a-Bear store and create your very own customized Pikachu, which will also be sold with a special TCG promo card.

Pikachu will also have optional clothing and accessory items available, including a Poké Ball hoodie and a Pikachu sound chip. Never go a day without hearing that trademark Pikachu name!

If you order your Pikachu online, you will receive a Charizard costume. But let’s face it—you’re going to stick him in a tutu instead, aren’t you? We knew it.


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