Do You Want to Play Dementium III?

Recently, Renegade Kid remastered Dementium: The Ward for the 3DS, and the second instalment will be arriving in the not too distant future. Initial sales reports about the game were not entirely positive, but it seems that Jools Watsham is rethinking about the series’ future and wants to know…do you want to play more Dementium games?

Watsham recently tweeted a “crazy but serious” question asking what fans would think about receiving a third entry in the series. If there’s enough interest in the game, it looks like Renegade Kid would organize a Kickstarter to make it.

It may seem strange to gauge interest in this way, but after the company’s failed Kickstarter for Cult County, it’s probably wise to test the waters first before diving right in. Certainly there’s no promise either way right now, but if you enjoyed these games and would look forward to another one, it’d be worth your while to quickly tweet your support in return.


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