Metroid Prime 4 Revealed, Nintendo Fans Lose Their Ever-Loving Minds

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of E3—at all—was the Nintendo announcement, or dare we say, single title screen reveal, of Metroid Prime 4. That’s literally all we got, a single title screen. But Samus fans across the globe went completely bonkers… once they’d recovered from the utter shock.

There’s an incredible video posted on YouTube by user KirbyGCN17 that shows the reaction to the news when the screen came up in the Spotlight at the Nintendo NY store.

The reaction is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face—though it does get momentarily bittersweet when the ‘First Look’ segment that follows the announcement is for Yoshi. It’s worth a 30-second watch to enjoy the sight of gamers celebrating this reveal with pure, unbridled joy.

Skip to 11:44 to see the magical moment below!


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