Giles Goddard Wants to Make New F-Zero

If you played Nintendo’s classic titles like Star Fox and 1080 Snowboarding, you’ll instantly recognize the name Giles Goddard. This former Nintendo developer was one of the first western developers to join Nintendo’s team, though these days he’s running Vitei, a Japanese studio that has created Steel Diver, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, and Theta.

In a recent interview with Source Gaming, he was asking about working with Nintendo and, if he could choose, which series he’d love to get his hands on:

F-Zero would be an interesting one. I don’t think they would ever….because the expectations for these old-school games are so high now. The last F-Zero game was…F-Zero GX…and that was really expensive. It has to be bigger and better than F-Zero GX, and that would be a huge risk for them. Having said that…I really like the original F-Zero. I never got into GX as it felt more and more like Wipeout. The faster and more wide angle it got, the more Wipeout it felt. To me, F-Zero is all about those tight courses with the tight bends, and the skidding around and drifting. I’d love to go back and visit that kind of control scheme but make it a smaller experience. I don’t think they would as their current philosophy is just bigger and better.

I have thought about 1080. [The series] has kind of moved on as they have done quite a number of them already. There’s only so much you can do with a snowboarding game until you are just making the same thing over and over again. So if we did, it’d have to be something very different. I think [Nintendo] is less inclined to do another 1080 if it’s just another 1080. It’s just bigger. That’s the reason I wouldn’t want to go on a new Star Fox. That’s gotta be bigger than Star Fox: Zero. The expectations are even higher due to people complaining about that one. People are going to want a bigger one and a better one. But I think from Nintendo’s point of view that was the best Star Fox. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The expectations are changing every year, as other games are influencing the fans. They are expecting that stuff to be in the game now.”

For more, check out the full interview with Goddard’s thoughts and commentary. It seems most intriguing that he doesn’t think Nintendo will ever return to F-Zero—but also incredibly sad for fans who’ve been holding out for a new game in the series for a very long time.


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