Splatoon Anime Coming to YouTube?!

You may or may not be aware of Splatoon’s success and popularity in Japan. You may or may not also be aware of the long running Splatoon manga in Japan’s CoroCoro magazine, which has decent sales in an age where magazines are on the decline.

And with Splatoon 2 just around the corner—only a few days left!—CoroCoro has announced that they’ll be debuting a Splatoon anime program on YouTube on August 12th. The story will be based on the existing manga, and will be posted to the magazine’s own channel.

Will there be a dub available? If not by the magazine itself, we have a feeling that there are enough international Splatoon fans who speak both English and Japanese that we’ll see it one way or another. Regardless, sometimes animation speaks just as loud as words, so we look forward to checking it out.


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