Neo Upgrade for Splatoon 2’s Famed Sloshing Machine

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Sloshers in all their forms are the preferred weapon of choice for high-level Splatoon 2 players… it’s remarkable what can be accomplished with giant buckets of paint. Of course, this means that an upgrade to this weapon to make it even more lethal is exactly what we need, right?

Don’t answer that. But you know how it goes with Splatoon games, weapons get upgraded on the regular, and now it’s the Sloshing Machine’s turn. The Sloshing Machine Neo will arrive tonight, giving you Point Sensors and the Splat Bomb Launcher for extra splatting capability.

This sounds like it’ll be a beast to play with (and against) when it comes to Turf War modes, so log on in and give it a try when it drops tonight!


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