Detective Pikachu Trailer Has Landed

One of the stranger game offerings to arise from Nintendo… and the Pokémon franchise… and gaming in general… is the concept of blending Sherlock Holmes / Professor Layton style puzzling mysteries with, er, Pokémon. Pikachu, to be precise. Talking Pikachu in a detective hat.

Well, look, Detective Pikachu has already found its footing in Japan, but we haven’t experienced its glory here in North America quite yet. But it’s coming to the 3DS on March 23rd, one month from today, so you should start to prepare yourself now.

Nintendo has dropped a trailer to get your excitement levels up, but probably more to explain what exactly this game is about. How are you feeling about it? Are you ready to see this adapted into film? Because that’s happening too. Yeah. Exactly.


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Micah has been playing games since his first pong machine, and has been writing for as long as he could grip a pencil and not drool on the paper. So, for about a week.

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