Saturday: PAX East 2018: Panels of Interest

Another day, another selection of Nintendo-themed panels that will give you a chance to get off your feet, relax, and recharge whilst being entertained by the people at the front of the room—and also give you a chance to catch up on your Streetpasses, of course.

Today we have more debating, a trip down memory lane, and—you guessed it—a Streetpass party. Remember that all our suggestions are subjective, so do flip through the program on your own for more information or to see what else is on offer.

At the very least, we hope our suggestions may help to narrow down your choices for the day ahead, or perhaps spark an interest in something else you might not have otherwise noticed!


  • Let’s Fight Over the Best Pokemon!!! @ 12:00pm-1:00pm (Arachnid Theatre)

The weekly Pokémon podcast, It’s Super Effective, is back at PAX to attempt to create a list of the best Pokémon with you!! We’ll create a format that encourages audience participation so together we can create a list of the best Pokémon out there. This panel will also feature some special guests to share their thoughts! The show will be recorded for a future episode. Visit for more information about our show!


pkmncast [Host/Producer,], washinthesink [Co-Host,], MicahTheBrave [Streamer,], Data_Dave [Streamer,], Purplecliffe [Owner, Purplecliffe]


  • Wisdom Tree! Bad Unlicensed Christian NES Games of the 90s @ 2:00pm-3:00pm (Bobcat Theatre)

In the beginning, a small unlicensed game development company was hit with divine inspiration: They could make a lot of money (and escape the wrath of Nintendo) by creating games for Christians. With the release of the 1990 NES platformer Bible Adventures, the developers saw what they had made, and it was good. Or, at least, good enough. Based on extensive research and original interviews with Wisdom Tree staff, Gabe Durham explores the rise and fall of the little company that almost could.


Gabe [Founding Editor/Publisher, Boss Fight Books]


  • StreetPass Game Show @ 8:00pm-9:00pm (Bobcat Theatre)

We asked the gaming community to answer questions about popular Nintendo titles. Join the audience in trying to guess the top answer, or maybe you’ll be chosen to battle it out on stage for top prizes! This Game Show originally birthed at Eternal Con by StreetPass Long Island. Prize for best cosplay.


Miz Sylver [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston], Sean M. Sullivan [Admin, StreetPass Long Island], Mel Cross [Artist, FormLabs Inc], ShellshockPrime [Head Admin, Switch & Play NYC], TheWolfDoctor [Co-Host, PokeProblemsPodcast]


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