Reggie Makes Cameo in Seattle Police Lip Sync Challenge

I mean, we’ve shared weirder news before, but this one is definitely up there. It’s no secret that Nintendo has worked hard to spread its name worldwide, and to stay relevant in the public eye. With each iteration of themselves, the company has to revitalize the way the consumer marketplace sees them, which requires them to engage publicly—sometimes in ways that work, other times in ways that miss the mark completely.

We’ll let you decide if this latest effort is on point or not, but it’s definitely fun at the very least. You’ve likely seen videos being shared from local police departments across the continent, part of a lip-sync battle challenge that began last month and which has now seen law enforcement agencies all over taking up the challenge.

The Seattle Police Department is the latest, joining forces with Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime (among other public figures)—he can be seen in the YouTube clip at around two and a half minutes in, sitting an playing the piano on a Nintendo Labo, accompanied by a police officer playing a cardboard guitar.

Check out the video—it’s quite entertaining, regardless of how weird (or not) you find the whole viral challenge.


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