Pre-Orders for Limited Edition Snake Pass Open Next Week

On October 11th, pre-orders open for the very limited edition physical release of Snake Pass. Super Rare Games originally released this title in early 2017, but it has found a dedicated fanbase in the months since. The limited edition copies will ship in early November, but there will be only 4000 units available.

Coming in at $34.98USD, these editions will contain:

  • Limited Edition Switch game (all DLC included)
  • Interior art
  • 16-page full-color manual
  • 12” vinyl soundtrack
  • Exclusive sticker
  • Trading card pack

With the increasing popularity of small eShop titles, publishers seem to be recognizing the public’s desire for extras and ways to support these smaller titles, and are coming out with limited edition releases like this more and more. We suspect we’ll be seeing more editions like this in the coming year!

The limited edition of Snake Pass can only be ordered directly from


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