Delays on Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Sorry about it: the release date of April 9th for the Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown updates for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has been delayed. This is an across-the-board situation that extends to digital and physical editions as well as the amiibo three-pack of figures.

Yacht Club Games estimates the delay to be a maximum of several months, with the idea for them to have new games on the card for the upcoming physical launch so that all the components of their new releases are pushed out at the exact same time. This means a little more time is needed for the developer to get the game ready for players—rather than shoving out a buggy game early and patching it like crazy after the fact. Not that we’re naming names, or anything.

In the meantime, Yacht Club Games will continue promotions as usual, since it’s technically not a major delay—you’ll still get new info before the launch, just perhaps trickling at a slower pace than expected. They’ve also stated that they’re allocating time before launch to testing and localizing the game in nine different languages—so you know this delay isn’t without reason! We’ll let you know when a new official launch date is revealed.


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