Switch Lite Battery Lasts 3-7 Hours

One of the more challenging factors of the Nintendo Switch has been its battery life… as a high-powered console that also happens to be portable, the battery life is limited when you’re gaming on the run. Even with brightness down and wireless and rumble off, you’re looking at maybe two to six hours—the latter if you’re playing a very non-intense game, and also have a bit of luck on your side.

The Switch Lite, however, is going to bump up your play time—though not by that much. Depending on the game and which functions are on, you’ll get between 3-7 hours of battery out of this portable system. It’s about 30 minutes extra, which isn’t enormous, but still helpful—especially for more intense games on the go, where an extra 30 minutes can mean the difference between reaching your save point at the end of a mission or losing all your hard work.


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