Daemon X Machina Frame Rate “Top Priority”

During the development process for Daemon X Machina, Marvelous Entertainment has shown themselves to be highly self-aware and deeply in touch with the folks who are interested in their game offering. They care what the fans thing, and have continually referred back to the fanbase for feedback and suggestions on the game’s improvement—producer Kenichiro Tsukuda has even left messages of thanks for the attentiveness and engagement with what the team is creating.

And taking it a step further, an interview on the Switch news feed reveals that Tsukuda took a specific piece of advice very seriously after their early demo:

“We took all the main points that users brought up. A lot of users mentioned that they wanted a better frame rate. When we released that demo, the was still early in development and had a lot of adjustments that need to be done. So, it was something that we were actively working on, but when we saw the user feedback we made sure to make that one of our top priorities.”

In a time when much of the criticism aimed at Switch editions of games centers around the lack of a smooth gaming experience, it’s both surprising and confidence-building to see a developer take this critique to heart—and try to make a change.

Marvelous Entertainment has continued to try showing fans and potential fans their changes via specific videos that showcase the adjustments, such as the one below. If you’ve been interested in this title and looking forward to the final version, check out the link below.


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