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By Micah, February 25, 2013 0 DS, News, Wii U

Following in the recent monthly trend of Nintendo online functionality maintenance, there’s another round coming late today/tomorrow (depending on where you live). The range of services that will be affected seems to suggest that there won’t be any newly visible… Read More »

By Dave, November 8, 2012 0 DS, DSiWare, News

We’ve heard a confirmation from Cinemax that they’re going to be bringing their title Rytmik World Music onto DSiWare, making it the fifth entry in their series of titles about music composition. It’s a strong series that has received very… Read More »

By Dave, October 15, 2012 0 DS, News

Thundercats fans, get ready—an official trailer for the DS action epic featuring the ‘cats has confirmed a release date, and it’s soon! If you’re waiting for this one, you know that it was originally scheduled for release this past September,… Read More »

By Faith, October 11, 2012 0 DS, DSiWare, News

The publisher EnjoyUp Games—behind such well-received titles as Chrono Twins and La Mulana—announced a new game called Zombie Skape for DSiWare. There’s no official release date set for the game as of today, but the publisher has described it as… Read More »

By Faith, September 28, 2012 0 DS, News

Aksys Games is excited! And they want to celebrate. The newest instalment in their Zero Escape series is hitting store shelves next month—Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward—and to keep the excitement level high leading up to release, they’ve decided to… Read More »

By Dave, September 10, 2012 0 DS, DSiWare, News

According to rumors online, CIRCLE Entertainment has confirmed that its latest title is getting quite close to its release! The game is titled 18th Gate, and it’s an RPG adventure title that uses a hex-based movement system. (For you young… Read More »

By Dave, August 22, 2012 0 3DS, DS, News

At least, that’s the word on the street (if by “street” we mean “internet…). For Pokémon fans, the release date of Pokémon Black and White Version 2 is just around the corner… and to keep you playing and aching for… Read More »

By Micah, August 21, 2012 0 DS, DSiWare, News

Finally, you’ll get to live your dream—running a bookstore! It’s been confirmed for DSiWare, and will be coming sometime soon CIRCLE Entertainment. Bookstore Dream gives players the chance to build and run a bookstore from the ground up, hopefully building… Read More »

By Faith, August 14, 2012 0 3DS, DS, News, Wii, Wii U

Not at Gamescom in Cologne? Then you probably weren’t there for the release of the new LEGO Lord of the Rings game trailer. Yes, that’s right—we’re getting another LEGO game, and this time, it’s seriously ambitious. Rumor has it that… Read More »

By Dave, August 13, 2012 0 3DS, 3DS eShop, DS, DSiWare, News

Oh yes, on August 16th, you hungry gamers can have a tasty snack on your 3DS and DsiWare… though, not really. Because who wants to eat a virtual chicken? Somehow it’s not quite the same. Plus, it’s a little off-putting… Read More »