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By Micah, January 20, 2017 0 News

Is the Wii U officially dead? Does anyone remember that it even exists? (Editor’s Note: We do, obviously…) Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard announcement after announcement about how developers are dropping their Wii U titles in favor of… Read More »

By Dave, January 20, 2017 0 News

For the past decade, those wobbly little avatars have been a part of the Nintendo gaming experience. Creating Miis to look like you, your friends, celebrities, have all been tied into Nintendo systems as an extension of the gameplay, with… Read More »

By Dave, January 19, 2017 0 News, Switch

Fans of Japanese games, rejoice! Trailers have just hit online for Koei Tecmo’s upcoming releases from two of its most popular franchises. Now, here’s the thing—Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII and Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence aren’t brand-new releases,… Read More »

By Faith, January 19, 2017 0 News, Wii U

There’s been a lot of unpacking of the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since last week’s Nintendo Switch presentation, with many theories swirling around the internet about the story, the characters, and notably…about that one… Read More »

By Dave, January 18, 2017 0 News, Switch

In the Fire Emblem Direct, we didn’t anticipate any news about a Fire Emblem game happening for the Switch anytime soon… and then we were all surprised by the announcement about a main series title! There’s not much in the… Read More »

By Faith, January 18, 2017 0 3DS, News

Surprise! Oh Nintendo, you love to do this to us, don’t you? We’re okay with it, though. Out of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation focused on Fire Emblem games came the announcement of a new 3DS title heading out way very,… Read More »

By Faith, January 18, 2017 0 News, Switch

One of the most surprising and exciting reveals from the Switch presentation was that we’ll be getting a full-length Bomberman title in 2017. Who expected that? But the buzz around it has been dulled slightly thanks to the confusion over… Read More »

By Dave, January 17, 2017 0 News, Switch

Here’s a game announcement for the Switch that you didn’t see coming—Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, originally on the Master System and considered a classic title from that console’s era. The game will be remade in HD and given a… Read More »

By Micah, January 17, 2017 0 News, Nintendo Direct

Don’t forget! Take note! Tomorrow there’s a Fire Emblem Direct special presentation happening, so set those reminders in your calendar and clear your schedule if this is of interest. It’ll happen at 2pm PST and 5pm EST, which will be… Read More »

By Dave, January 16, 2017 0 News, Switch

We’ll just be over here clearing our throats… and bemoaning the states of our bank accounts. Why? Because despite how much we’ve all just shelled out for preorders of the Nintendo Switch, not to mention a game or two so… Read More »