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By Faith, August 12, 2015 0 3DS, Pokemon

If none of those words in the title made sense to you, it’s okay. Walk away now, come back tomorrow. If you got exciting reading the title, however, here’s the details for you. Fans of the legendary serpentine picket monster… Read More »

By Faith, May 7, 2015 0 3DS, Pokemon

Pokémon fans are very fortunate in that their franchises often offer many new elements to keep the games fresh even months after release—we’ve seen a lot of Pokémon distributions and online events for the various games, and now Omega Ruby… Read More »

By Dave, March 24, 2015 0 3DS, 3DS eShop, Pokemon

Nintendo isn’t a total newcomer to the free-to-play arena, and it appears that their latest foray into the ring with a test of micro-transactions might be their most popular—and potentially successful—venture to date. Pokémon Shuffle has surpassed 2.5 million downloads… Read More »

By Dave, March 6, 2015 0 Events, PAX East 2015, Pokemon

While there aren’t necessarily any official Nintendo-presented panels happening at PAX East this year, we’ve gone through the program and decided to highlight several panels each day that we think might be of interest to our readers. This may be… Read More »

By Faith, December 30, 2014 0 News, Pokemon

If the title of this post made no sense to you, just walk away now. Come back later, we don’t blame you at all. Now, this may not work here in North America—we don’t know if it’ll be region-locked, and… Read More »

By Faith, August 26, 2014 0 News, Pokemon, Wii U

A while ago, there was a teaser announcement going around regarding a “shocking” Pokémon announcement that was coming. Well, Nico NIco has just confirmed that the announcement is in regards to Pokkén Tournament, a fighting game co-developed by Bandai Namco…. Read More »

By Faith, July 4, 2014 0 News, Pokemon

Although common in Japan, it’s a rare sight to see The Pokémon Center stores here in North America. There are three brick-and-mortar versions of the store on this continent—two in Washington State, and a third in New York City inside… Read More »

By Dave, July 1, 2014 0 News, Pokemon

Thanks to the success of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, there’s proof that gaming fans will shell out their time and money to experience different iterations of things they love—including attending the symphony to hear the incredible,… Read More »

By Faith, April 29, 2014 0 News, Pokemon

You know what we all need more of? Little plastic toys. Clutter, schmutter… we want to collect, amirite? So, dust off those shelves, because there are Pokémon X & Y toys coming to McDonalds Happy Meals near you next month…. Read More »

By Faith, February 27, 2014 0 News, Pokemon

Confirmation has arrived that Pokémon will be taking over Netflix this March! We’ll see television shows and movies hitting the video-on-demand service at the beginning of the month—and it won’t just be confined to one or two continents. This is… Read More »