Mini-Review: Mii Plaza – Warrior’s Way

4 Overall Score

Quick and easy | Pleasant graphics and art style

No depth whatsoever | No options, just hit the right buttons

Warrior’s Way is the last of our new StreetPass mini-games for the 3DS.  Normally you save the best for last, but the opposite is true here.  Thankfully though they each may cost $5, the package of all 4 of them together costs $15.  So even if one isn’t all that great, buying the package gets you it for free!   That’s what you should do here, as though it’s not great, it’s still worth playing.

In Warrior’s Way, you control your own army of archers, foot soldiers and cavalry. Each of these has a strength against another unit type, and a weakness.  You must use your vast knowledge of rock, paper, scissors game play to defeat ever increasing numbers of  units in the ‘countries’ that you invade.  Your goal is to take over the world/continent/map, while building up your own castle.  It’s all a numbers game, and you increase the numbers in your army by either greeting your streetpasses peacefully and gaining a small number of units, or destroying their army and gaining a larger number.  If you have friends and family who begin the game at the same time as you, this can work out perfectly for you, as you all continuously defeat each other and gain massive armies.  However if you get the game later than your group, you’ll have to consider hiring mercenaries and seeking out other people to tag. No matter how good your rock, paper, scissors ‘strategy’ is, 8,000 soldiers can’t beat 200,000. It just isn’t happening.

If I don’t sound enthused, that’s because I’m not.  It’s a paper-thin game with no strategy, skill or thought behind it.  You have almost no options at all, and although it’s a nice game to look at there’s nothing really behind it.  You can build up your castle, but picking the type is just about the only thing you get to choose to do.  It’s a quick 2-minute diversion, and that includes booting up the game and getting back out of it.  It’s probably more of a disappointment when looked at the depth the other 3 games have, but without those surrounding it I’d never bother to play it.


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