Mario Party + Monopoly = Fortune Street!

Fortune Street Wii is the first time that the very popular Fortune Street series has come to North America.  The first game came out in 1991, so it’s taken it’s sweet time getting here.  It looks to be a combination of Mario Party and Monopoly, where you buy shops and play the (much less frequent) mini-games.  It’s developed by the guys behind Final Fantasy, Square Enix.  GameXplain got their hands on an early copy, and had two of their guys go into it blind and play.  If you’re at all interested in the game, take a look.

Fortune Street Wii comes out for the Wii on December 5th for $49.99.


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Micah has been playing games since his first pong machine, and has been writing for as long as he could grip a pencil and not drool on the paper. So, for about a week.

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